Anxiety A to Z

Get The Complete Anxiety Solution: Finally Understand The Symptoms That Rule Your Life, Discover Underlying Anxiety Triggers, Master Natural Management Tools, and Stay Away from Google's Anxiety Rabbit Hole!

Get The Complete Anxiety Solution: Finally Understand The Symptoms That Rule Your Life, Discover Underlying Anxiety Triggers, Master Natural Management Tools, and Stay Away from Google's Anxiety Rabbit Hole!

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You have reached a point where you are absolutely fed up of dealing with your daily anxiety symptoms…

You’re sick and tired of that overwhelming pull to Google, which only ends up causing your stomach to lurch in fear…

If this sounds like you, then let me just say, I am glad you are here.

You are in the right place.

My full time job used to be thinking about my symptoms, checking my symptoms, talking about my symptoms, obsessing, analyzing, and of course, putting my trust in Google, which never ended well for me.

Googling alone often triggered a panic attack for me.

I know how it takes over your entire life.

I’d be having a conversation with someone, yet be completely zoned out as I knew there was a symptom I was worrying about that I was going to be Googling right afterwards.

My stomach would be in a knot, my chest would feel tight and I would feel physically ill waiting for my “fate to load.”

I used to wish there was a place I could look up my symptoms without feeling even more anxious than I already did.

And so, this book was born.

Now that I am on the other side, I decided to create a book I wish I had had, so that it may help you now, if you are where I was.

I want this book to be your new Google, without all the horror that Google brings with it. You deserve to look up a symptom and learn about your anxiety without feeling completely freaked out.

Because, let’s be honest.

Anxiety does cause a heap of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that aren’t always easy to come across online, especially the stranger ones that may make no sense.

If there is something you want to look up, you will find it here.

And instead of telling you that you are dying from a terminal disease, I will explain how your anxiety may be relating to what you are currently experiencing.

Not only will you find every symptom you can think of here (yes, the really, really strange ones too!)

This is an A to Z reference book listing anything and everything that has to do with anxiety, including foods, hormones, my favourite supplements, some pep talks, ways to manage your anxiety, and all those emotions that anxiety brings with it.

You will be referring to it daily. It's not the type of book you read once.

I am so excited for you to get your hands on this book. I have poured my heart and soul into it as I relived my worst days to hopefully bring you some peace as you may be going through yours right now.

I made it out and so will you.

You are not alone.

I hope this book will feel like I am right there holding your hand and guiding you forward on your journey. I am so excited for your future, it looks bright to me.

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100'S of sections!

Sneak Peek Inside This Life-Changing Encyclopedia That Has Already Helped 2100+ People...

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Anxiety Attacks


Bladder issues

Blood pressure

Blurry Vision

Chest pain/Chest pressure

Death anxiety


Derealization and depersonalization

Ear/hearing issues

Facial anxiety symptoms

Food/Food sensitivities

Generalized anxiety

Health anxiety

High-functioning anxiety

Heart palpitations

Intrusive thoughts




Muscle issues

Morning & bedtime rituals



Panic attacks

Relationship anxiety

Sleep issues


Stomach issues

Teen anxiety


Vision problems

Vitamins for anxiety

Weight loss/gain from anxiety

... and SO.MUCH.MORE!

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Kind words from just a few people who find this book helpful...

"I started my anxiety not even knowing I had anxiety, nor what it consists of. As I began to search I came across Tamryn's work. Through Social media as well as a great podcast, I was able to acquire some essential tools and knowledge for my marathon. She did the research for us, so we wouldn't scare ourselves silly. One symptom leads to another. They are all listed and described perfectly in her book A-Z. I would recommend her work to anyone looking for some clearance and guidance. It is definitely a great tool, like a pocketknife, you never know when you'll need but you'll be happy you had it." - Andreas

"I have purchased both books! Anxiety A to Z has given me a different outlook in my anxiety. My anxiety terrifies me, some days it is debilitating. Having something to reference back to, knowing that another person has gone through or had the symptom I’m feeling is relieving. I have a ways to go before I no longer allow my anxiety to control me but I am so THANKFUL that I bought this book. Both books actually. " - Barb

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"Tamryn, thank you so much for creating this book. I have suffered from health anxiety as long as I can remember and I started suffering from panic attacks intermittently about 5 years ago when I started college. When I found your book, I was at my lowest thinking I would never live a normal life free from strange symptoms I feared were so abnormal that no one else could relate to me. This book has eased so much stress from my life and given me such helpful tools to manage my anxiety. " - Breanna

"Tamryn, Thank you for writing this book. You've truly made me feel less isolated from others. I struggle with most of the symptoms you have stated in this book, and I can say I no longer go to Google for answers. I've found this book at a very hard time in my life and you've put some of my mind at ease as you've covered everything imaginable; and I will forever be grateful!" - Simone

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"I have read both books and i can say that it definitely wasnt money wasted. I have suffered from panic disorder for so many years and always thought something was wrong with me. Not until reading this book did i realize that the physical symptoms i feel is due to my disorder. I use the tools i learn in this book to handle my panic attacks and also if i feel a new symptom i refer to the book instead of scaring myself on google. " - Erica

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"This book is amazing. You are the first person who has ever had all of the same odd symptoms that I experience.I’ve always had a difficult time explaining how my anxiety makes me feel. I always feel as though I could have written your posts myself. I feel seen and a lot less crazy:) " - Sandra

"I used to anxiously search anxiety-related symptoms on google all of the time, which would only make my symptoms feel worse and send me into a panic. Tamryn’s book leaves me feeling more at ease, and motivates me to move forward improving my symptoms. It’s SO nice to know you’re not alone, and this book does just that. This will be a forever reference kept in my back pocket." - Anna Schmeltz

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"This book is the Google for health anxiety. I had to stop going to Google for all my symptoms. This book helps me understand my anxiety symptoms and gives me peace of mind that my symptoms are real and normal and that others experience the same thing too. " - Nat

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"I have struggled with anxiety my whole life, although it has gotten increasingly worse as I go through college. My symptoms are so physical and can create such a false reality that something is constantly wrong w me! this book allows me to not web md diagnose myself and really understand what’s going on with putting a name to it. I can’t wait for my second book to come in the mail!" - Mallery Davie

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"I was googling my symptoms and found an image that took me to Tamryn's instagram page. Here I found some realness. And relief. Real relief. I knew that my symptoms were anxiety based but I couldn't bring myself to accept that it was just that. Health anxiety is real and it's debilitating. I spent the evening looking through her posts and reels and found a real connection. The Anxiety A to Z book is about bringing the symptoms to the forefront and removes the stigma that you feel with mental illness. Having something that you can refer to helps to manage the panic and soothe the nervous system. It has helped tremendously with my recovery and although I do suffer symptoms, the realness of them is more swift and I don't react to them like I used to. Having some subtle holistic remedies throughout the book is great as it's not "in your face" and more about introducing them as part of your life to assist you in managing anxiety and managing your life." - Julie Sampson

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"Hi Tamryn, Your book Anxiety A to Z has helped me so much with my journey to improve my anxiety! When I first bought your book my anxiety was the worst it has been in my life and I was so incredibly confused with what was happening with my mind and body and your book has genuinely helped me so much with understanding anxiety and how it affects the body." - Jaelyn

"I was spiraling out of control with hypochondria in 2021 and it lasted for months. I walked around fearing I would drop dead every single day for 3 months. Not a day went by that I didn't feel some sort of weird symptom and I was prepared to drop dead. I couldn't even be left alone and I couldn't even drive. I discovered Tamryn Burgess on Instagram and downloaded her Anxiety A to Z book and I am still referencing it every now and then. I am fully recovered from that horrible bout of hypochondria thanks to this book and her ability to make me feel like I am not alone. Thank you, Tamryn xox" - Cheryl

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Wondering if this book is for you?

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"I can find all the information I need for free on the internet."

'Anxiety A to Z' a time-saver and a trusted buddy rolled into one! I've packed it with everything I've personally used in my own journey that has helped me, along with up to date researched insights you can trust. It's a valuable resource that goes beyond random online sources!

"I'm too busy to read a lengthy eBook."

I made sure this eBook is easy to refer to and read, and straight to the point. It's all about giving you useful tips and tools you can actually use whenever you need it.

"I've tried everything, and nothing works for my anxiety."

This eBook takes a holistic approach, offering a range of management tools and insights you might not have tried. It's like having a whole toolbox for dealing with anxiety. You might find new ideas that really help you see things in a new way to manage your anxiety.

"I'm embarrassed about my anxiety, and I don't want anyone to know I'm seeking help."

You can read the eBook privately on your phone, tablet, or eReader, without anyone else knowing. It's a discreet way to gain a better understanding of your anxiety and learn how to manage it naturally.

"I'm afraid it won't work for me."

There's no guarantee with any solution, but by trying 'Anxiety A to Z,' you're taking a proactive step toward managing your anxiety. The knowledge and tools it provides can make a big difference in your life.

"I can't afford it."

Consider the cost of anxiety on your life - turning down opportunities you'd love, a lower quality of life because you can't bring yourself to do even "normal" things like go for a walk or go to the grocery store alone... and potential healthcare expenses and trips to the ER just to be told it's anxiety or a panic attack. 'Anxiety A to Z' is an investment in your well-being that can save you a lot of money and struggle in the long run.

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"Buy it. Just buy it. It will save a LOT of confusion and fear both in Googling things and in learning of physical anxiety symptoms you didn't know existed, many that you deal with daily. Not only does Tamryn tell you the cause of these symptoms, she offers advice on what your body is doing to cause them and how to help alleviate or accept the symptoms." - Katie

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"Very thorough book! I am very impressed with the amount of info! From the authors personal experience, science backed info, and more, it's a really well-rounded honest look at anxiety, and just all things chill, really. This is a very useful tool for me. I am very grateful. I found it extremely helpful, and felt fairly quick relief from my symptoms by implementing only a few of the tools, making this eBook/book a really useful and exciting resource. Aside from the tools, it provides a very understandable way of recognizing the who/what/where/when/why and how of anxiety. I read a majority of it through in a sitting, and now reference back as needed. Thank you for your time, energy, and effort in putting such a thoughtful product together. I have seen lasting affects from continued and consistent use of the tools I learned from this book. " - Angie


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There is NO other eBook like this! It is contains EVERYTHING to do with anxiety.

For Only $33

It's the kind of ebook you don't just read once. You can refer back to it daily!

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